Improve your breathing with BREATHING+ breathing exercises! Improve your oxygen intake and concentration and minimize asthma attacks!

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With BREATHING+ breathing exercises, children practice breathing and have fun at the same time. The exercises were designed by studying breathing techniques. Only the most effective techniques were selected and used to design the interface.

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How does it work?

BREATHING+ exercises are based on a technique called pursed lip breathing. Exhaling through pursed lips forces out 2 or 3 decilitres more air than exhaling through nose. A more efficient exhalation leads to deeper breathing, also referred to as belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. Physicians recommend pursed lip breathing to all those who suffer from asthma and pulmonary illnesses and to people under stress. We have turned these exercises into games to increase motivation and ensure that the exercises are done correctly.

Breathing is the internal dialogue of our nervous system. Inhaling makes us alert and ready for action, while exhaling calms us down, stimulates digestion and relaxes the muscles. When faced with stress, it is perfectly normal for us to inhale and hold in air. Unfortunately, by doing so we raise our heart rate and trigger the release of stress hormones, which puts the body in a vicious circle of agitation. Conscious control over breathing is therefore the first step towards managing stress and work-related burdens.

Because breathing is the only conscious function that directly affects the heart, by controlling our breathing we can successfully treat illnesses such as hypertension and arrhythmia. Every time we inhale we raise our heart rate and increase the contractile force of the heart. When we exhale, we achieve the opposite effect and cause our body to relax. Shallow breathing forces the heart into an abnormal rhythm and stimulates the sympathetic tone of the nervous system, which is known to occur in a number of cardiovascular conditions.

Learn more about the breathing technique on the web here.


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The kit includes:

- BREATHING+ breathing interface
- Over 30 breathing games for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
- Anti-stress breathing applications
- A two-year subscription to a breathing television channel, Breathing TV ™ *
- Web browsing tools: Breathing Scrolling ™
- Two-year support and assistance
- Two-year warranty

*Breathing television is a way to watch TV and improve breathing at the same time. Video will only be shown as long as the user does the exercises. Viewing clips on YouTube becomes a fun, effective breathing exercise!
** Breathing Scrolling is a tool for scrolling through websites or documents using breathing exercises. It works as an add-on in the Chrome web browser and as a bookmark in other browsers.

The product is suitable for children ages 7 and up.


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